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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Instruction Booklet U/NUS-NZLE-USA CONTENTS THE NINTENDO 64 CONTROLLER 3 STORY 5 HYRULE 7 STARTING THE GAME 9 NAVI AND Z TARGETING 11 READING THE GAME SCREEN 13 BASIC CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS 15 USING THE SWORD 19 SELECT ITEM SUBSCREEN 21 EQUIPMENT SUBSCREEN 27 QUEST STATUS SUBSCREEN 29 MAP SUBSCREEN 31 SAVING WHEN YOUR GAME IS OVER 33 TIPS FOR YOUR ADVENTURE 34 WARRANTY AND SERVICE INFORMATION 42 ________________________________________________________ A long time ago... Before life began, before the world had form, three golden goddesses descended upon the chaotic land of Hyrule. They were Din, the goddess of power, Nayru, the goddess of wisdom and Farore, the goddess of courage. Din, with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land to create the Earth. Nayru poured her wisdom onto the Earth to give the spirit of law to the world. Farore's rich soul created all life forms who would uphold the law. These three great goddesses returned to the heavens, leaving behind the golden sacred Triforce. Since then, the Triforce has become the basis for Hyrule's providence. Where the Triforce stood became sacred land. In the vast, deep forest of Hyrule, the great Deku Tree served as the guardian spirit. The children of the forest, the Kokiri, lived with the great Deku Tree. Each Kokiri had his or her own guardian fairy, except one. His name was Link. Early one morning, Link was having a nightmare. It was the same nightmare he had every night, During a storm, Link would find himself standing in front of a mysterious castle. A rider on horseback, carrying a girl, would race by. The girl would look at Link as if to say something. Then, another rider would appear. This big man clad in black would look down menacingly at Link. Link would then awaken. 5 _________________________________________________________ "Link! Hey, get up, Link! The great Deku Tree wants to talk to you!" As Link opened his eyes, he saw a fairy floating in front of him. This fairy's name was Navi. Navi was sent to summon Link to the great Deku Tree. "Oh Navi, thou has returned!" Said the Deku Tree. "Thank you, Link, for coming. Thy slumber these past moons must have been restless, and full of nightmare. A vile climate pervades this world. Verily, ye have felt it. The time has come to test thine courage. I have been cursed. I need you to dispel the curse with your wisdom and courage. Art thou prepared?" Link entered the great Deku Tree and broke the curse. "Well done, Link! I knew that ye were worthy of carrying out my wishes. A wicked man of the desert cast this dreadful curse on me. Employing his vile, sorcerous energies, the evil one is searching for the Sacred Realm connected to Hyrule. For it is there that one will find the divine relic, the Triforce, that contains the essence of the gods. Whoever holds the Triforce can make their wishes come true. Thou must never allow the desert man to lay his hands on the sacred Triforce. Thou must never suffer that man to enter the Sacred Realm of legend. Link, go now the Hyrule Castle. There, ye will surely meet the princess of destiny. Present this stone to the princess. I have foreseen that she will understand everything." The great Deku Tree gave Link the spiritual stone of the forest. Before dying, the Deku Tree's last words were, "The future depends upon thee, Link. Thou art courageous." 6 _______________________________________________________ HYRULE Hyrule is a land rich in beauty. In addition to the Hylians, many diverse groups of people dwell in this country. Princess Zelda The King's daughter. Hyrule's princess. She is counting on Link to save Hyrule. Ganondorf This sinister man comes from the desert in the western part of Hyrule. Ganondorf desires the Triforce. Talon, Malon, Ingo These three all work on Lon Lon Ranch, the only ranch in Hyrule. 7 ________________________________________________________ Darunia Head of the Goron people, Darunia is well-known and well-liked. Goron People These people lived in Death Mountain, an active volcano in the northern part of Hyrule. their source of food is the minerals they dig out of the volcano. Zora People The people of Zora's Domain are like evolved fish. They live underwater but can venture out for short periods of time. Princess Ruto Zora's princess, Ruto is very much a tomboy. King Zora Kong if the Zora and Princess Ruto's father. Link Link lives in Kokiri Forest. Unlike the other Kokiri, Link does not have a guardian fairy to call his own. Saria Saria is Link's lifelong friend. Kokiri People These childlike people live in Kokiri Forest. Each Kokiri has a guardian fairy. They cannot leave the forest or their lives will come to an end. 8 ________________________________________________________ STARTING THE GAME Correctly insert the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Pak into your Nintendo 64 system and move the POWER switch to the ON position. When the Title screen appears, press START to access the File Select screen. Use the Control Stick to select from one of three save files. Press the A Button to advance to the Name Registration screen. What is a File? Your game progress is stored in a file. This includes items you've acquired, number of hearts you've collected and dungeons you've cleared. If you quit while playing, you will be able to continue where you left off (see page 34 for more information). Name Registration Names cannot exceed eight characters. Use the Control Stick to select a letter and press the A Button to confirm. Press the B Button to delete a letter. When you have finished, press START to move the cursor to END. Press the A Button to finalize your name. Copying and Deleting Files On the File Select screen, select COPY, move the cursor to the file you wish to copy and press the A Button. Select the file to which you want to copy and press the A Button again (you cannot copy a blank file). Deleting a file works the same way. Remember, once a file is deleted, it cannot be recovered. 9 ________________________________________________________ Options Sound Select from four different sound modes: STEREO, MONO, HEADSET, AND SURROUND. Headset This allows you to enjoy the game with realistic sound. Surround This mode creates a pseudo 3D environment. To get the full effect, make sure you sit directly between the speakers when playing. Z Targeting Select SWITCH or HOLD mode for the Z Targeting system. Focus Cursor See page 11. Switch If you press the Z Button once, the Focus Cursor appears. Press the Z Button again and it disappears. When you turn the game ON for the first time, SWITCH is the default setting. Hold The Focus Cursor only appears when holding the Z Button. This option is great for advanced players. Brightness Adjust the brightness setting to see the game better. Make sure four shade levels are clearly distinguished on the screen. 10 _________________________________________________________ NAVI AND Z TARGETING Navi is Link's guardian fairy. Navi helps and supports Link during his adventure. She gives helpful hints such as enemy weaknesses. If Navi calls you during the game, press the C[up] Button to see what she has to say. When Link gets close to an enemy or object that Navi can help with, she flies in that direction. That enemy or object has a triangle mark next to it. If you press the Z Button, Link looks in Navi's direction, and the enemy or object is surrounded by the Focus Cursor. This is called Z Targeting. When you use Z Targeting, the Navi icon appears in the top right corner of the screen. Press the C[up] Button to read Navi's advice. When using Z Targeting on people or signs, the Navi icon does not flash. Instead, the SPEAK or CHECK commands appear. When Z Targeting is activated, a black band appears at the top and bottom of the screen. When using Z Targeting and the Navi icon flashes, press the C[up] Button to read Navi's advice. NOTE: The Navi icon occasionally flashes even when you're not using Z Targeting. When it flashes, be sure to press the C[up] Button. 11 _________________________________________________________ Using Z Targeting Z Targeting will not help you with Navi's advice, but it can also help your adventure go more smoothly. During the game, if you press the Z Button, the viewpoint centers behind Link. It also slowly centers behind Link if you don't press any buttons or move the Control Stick (see page 13). Talking to Faraway People To talk to people who are far away, use Z Targeting. If the person is surrounded by a cursor, press the A Button to talk. Aiming When using a shooting device, use Z Targeting to accurately target an enemy. Triangle Marks When using Z Targeting, a triangle mark may appear next to an enemy or object. Pay close attention to the color of the triangle mark (Navi's color changes to match the triangle mark). Each color has a different meaning. Yellow Navi knows the enemy's weakness. Green A hint is available. Light Blue A person or sign. Press the A Button. NOTE: It's important to use Z Targeting when battling enemies (see page 20). 12 __________________________________________________________ READING THE GAME SCREEN Game Play Screen Life Energy The heart is Link's life. Link begins the game with three hearts. As the game progresses, the number of hearts increase. When Link takes damage, the number of hearts decrease. Magic Meter This represents Link's remaining magic power. This only appears when he has obtained magic. Rupee The number of Rupees (Hyrulian currency) in your inventory. B Button Icon This icon shows what actions you can execute with the B Button. Most of the time, the icon shows a sword. Action Icon All the actions that Link can perform when you press the A Button appear here. If he stands next to a person, the SPEAK command will appear. If he stands next to a door, the OPEN command will appear (see page 16). C Icons These represent the current items selected for the C Buttons (see page 20). Map Link's current location appears here. The yellow arrow represents the direction Link is currently facing. The red arrow represents the area Link came from. Press the L Button to turn the map ON or OFF. Game Play Screen When you press the C[up] Button during the game, the viewpoint changes to Link's view (first-person perspective). While in this viewpoint, you cannot use an item, move or use Z Targeting. You can, however, look around with the Control Stick. This is very helpful when you're in a dungeon and you need to see the terrain around you. 13 ___________________________________________________________ Subscreen (while paused) Press START during the game, and the Subscreen appears. This is broken into four different Subscreen (as shown below). Press the Z or R Button to cycle through each screen. Press START on the Subscreen to return to the game. Press the B Button on the Subscreen to save your game (see page 33). Select Items Subscreen Equipment Subscreen Map Subscreen Quest Status Subscreen NOTE: To advance to the next screen, you can also place the cursor on the Z or R icons and move the Control Stick [left] or [right]. 14 __________________________________________________________ BASIC CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS Link's Basic Actions The quickest way to finish the game is to effectively control Link in every situation. Try practicing maneuvers at the beginning of the game, in Kokiri Forest. Control Stick Move (Page 16) Z Button Z Targeting Look forward (Page 11) START Go to Subscreen R Button Raise shield C[up] Button Change viewpoint Navi icon C[left][down][right] Buttons Use item (Page 21) A Button Action icon (Page 17) B Button Swing sword (Page 19) When you can't perform certain actions... There are some cases where the game will only allow certain actions. The icons for actions that Link cannot perform are black and white or not displayed. 15 __________________________________________________________ Control Stick Use this mainly to move Link. Walk/Run Move the Control Stick in the direction you want Link to go. Link walks or runs depending how far you move the Control Stick. If you're in a dangerous area, move the Control Stick slightly so that Link walks slowly. Hold the Z Button while walking to walk while facing forward. Jump To jump gaps or climb uneven ground, move the Control Stick in that direction and Link will automatically jump (or climb). Link may not be able to jump or climb if the distance is too great. Swim Move the Control Stick in the direction you want to swim. Dive Hold the A Button while you are at the water's surface. Diving Depth As your adventure progresses, you will be able to dive to deeper depths. 16 ___________________________________________________________ A Button About the Action Icons The A Button represents the Action icon, which allows you to perform many actions. The text appearing on the icon tells you what action Link can execute. The text changes depending on where Link is standing. If the icon shows no text, try calling for Navi to help. Climbing Up and Down Move the Control Stick towards the ladder to climb up. If DOWN appears, you can safely jump down from the ladder. Down While hanging on a cliff or ladder, if the DOWN text appears, you can safely let go of the cliff. Climb To jump on a large block, press UP on the Control Stick and press the A Button. Grab -) Push/Pull Press the A Button to grab, push or pull an object. Once that has happened, use the Control Stick to maneuver the object. 17 ___________________________________________________________ Grab -) Throw/Drop Grab the object by pressing the A Button. To throw the object, press the A Button. To throw a bomb, use the Control Stick to run and then press the A Button. To drop a bomb, simply press the A Button. Open Stand in front of the door or chest and press the A Button when the OPEN text appears. Other Actions Speak Stand near a person and talk when the SPEAK text appears. To talk to people who are far away, use Z Targeting. Make sure to read everything a person has to say. Check Use CHECK when standing near a sign or something important. NOTE: Other actions will appear during the game. Make sure to check the Action icon. 18 __________________________________________________________ USING THE SWORD B Button You can swing the sword in many ways. Swing Vertically Z + B Swing Horizontally B or Z + Control Stick LEFT-RIGHT + B Press the B Button three times just right to make your third swing much wider. Stab Z + Control Stick UP + B Spin Swing Hold the B Button and release. The power of the swing depends on how long you hold the B Button. If you do a spin swing, magic is consumed. The power of the swing is indicated by the color of the flame surrounding the sword. Control Stick 180° + B This is a weak power swing. 19 __________________________________________________________ Other Actions Jump Attack While holding the sword, press Z + A. Offensive power will double. Back Flip Z + Control Stick DOWN + A Back flips and side jumping are effective dodging maneuvers. Side Jumping Z + Control Stick LEFT-RIGHT + A Raising Your Shield Press the R Button to raise your shield. When it is raised, move it with the Control Stick. Roll Attack Control Stick UP + A Press the A Button while running to do a roll attack. You can even do this when you are not holding a sword. The roll attack can help you avoid taking damage. Lock on to an enemy with Z Targeting to gain an advantage. 1. You won't lose sight of your enemy. 2. You can keep your enemy at a safe distance or close in on him. 3. Attacks are executed more accurately. 20 _________________________________________________________ SELECT ITEM SUBSCREEN As you guide Link through his adventure, you will find various items. To use an item, you need to assign it to one of the C Buttons. Select Item Subscreen Here are a few items you can assign to the C Buttons. Magic Arrow You cannot use this when the Magic Meter is empty. Magic You will be able to use three kinds of magic. You cannot use magic if the Magic Meter is empty. Bottle This is the number of bottles in your inventory. Event Items These are items that you obtain through events. You may exchange some items during the course of your adventure. The items on this screen change as your game progresses (see page 26). Setting the C Items Press START during the game to access the Subscreen. Press the Z or R Button to access the Select Items Subscreen. Use the Control Stick to place the cursor on the item you want to use and press the C[left][down][right] Buttons. The item is now assigned. In this game, you will watch Link grow from child to adult (see page 34). There are items in the game that Link can only use in childhood or adulthood. Items you cannot use are black and white. Place the cursor on the desired item. -) Assign it to one of the C Buttons. -) The selected item appears in the top right corner of the screen. 21 _________________________________________________________ Introducing the C Items Some items, those with numbers located next to them, have limited uses. When you carry the maximum number of items, the number turns green. With some items, you can increase the maximum number. Deku Stick (Child Link) The Deku Stick works like a sword, but is much weaker. They break very easily. Deku Sticks can also work as torches. Find them after defeating enemies or purchase them in stores. Fairy Slingshot (Child Link) Use the Slingshot to shoot enemies or objects that are far away. Hold the C Button and Link's hands zooms in. Aim with the Control Stick and release the C Button to shoot. If you use Z Targeting before shooting, your accuracy will increase greatly. If you just hold the C Button, you can aim the Slingshot without shooting it. Collect Deku Seeds to refill your ammunition. Boomerang (Child Link) If you throw it, it comes back! The Boomerang can stun or defeat enemies. Use Z Targeting to improve your accuracy. Some enemies can only be defeated with the Boomerang. 22 __________________________________________________________ SELECT ITEM SUBSCREEN Deku Nut Throw a Deku Nut on the ground and a bright light flashes, temporarily stunning enemies (the Deku nut cannot stun all enemies). Deku Nuts can be found practically everywhere. Ocarina of Time Play the Ocarina of Time at certain times and special things may happen. With the Ocarina, you can also warp to other places (see page 30). Fairy Ocarina This has the same effect as the Ocarina of Time, but disappears once you receive it. Lens of Truth See which walls are real and which are fake with the Lens of Truth. Using this item consumes magic. Bomb Damage enemies or blow up walls with the Bomb. Be careful not to get too close to the blast or you may get hurt. Bombs explode approximately four seconds after you pick them up (see page 18). Bombchu Pick up a Bombchu and set it at your feet. It will start running by itself. If it hits an object, or runs for a while without hitting anything, it will explode. Once it starts running, you have no control over it. Magic Bean Place Magic Beans at certain locations and they eventually sprout. Z Targeting comes in handy when trying to decide where to plant a Magic Bean. 23 ________________________________________________________ Fairy Bow (Adult Link) Shoot enemies or switches with the Fairy Bow. It works the same as the Fairy Slingshot. As your adventure progresses, you will find three magic arrows each with different effects. Fire Arrow Ice Arrow Light Arrow 2 MP 2 MP 4 MP MP Consumption Using magic, and some items, consumes Magic Points. Spin swings also use up Magic Points. Watch your Magic Meter! Hookshot (Adult Link) There is a hook at the end of an expandable chain that can grab onto certain objects. This is helpful when trying to get to hard-to-reach places. A red dot marks the distance you can travel. The Hookshot can also be used as a weapon (even underwater). When using, if you see a red dot, your target is in range. As the adventure progresses, you can extend the length of your chain. Megaton Hammer (Adult Link) Move big blocks or activate a rusted switch with the Hammer. You can also use it as a weapon. 24 _________________________________________________________ SELECT ITEM SUBSCREEN Somewhere in Hyrule are three Great Fairy Fountains. Here, you can learn three different magic spells. When you meet a Great Fairy, the Magic Meter shows the remaining number of Magic in the top left corner of the screen. You need the correct amount of Magic Points to use magic. Din's Fire 6 MP Fire wraps around Link's body, protecting him from harm. This is very helpful when surrounded by a large number of enemies. Farore's Wind 6 MP Farore's Wind surrounds Link's body with a green light, and the spot where you first use it will be set as a warp point. If you use the magic again at a different location, you will be able to warp back to the original warp point. Select "Dispel the Warp Point" to set a new warp point location. Nayru's Love 12 MP A blue light surrounds Link, protecting him from enemy harm. It wears off after a short time. Magic Power Recovery Magic Jar To refill your Magic Meter, find Magic Jars by defeating enemies, or looking under pots and bushes. You may also consume the green medicine that you buy in shops. There are two types of Magic Jars: large and small. Large jars refill your Magic Meter completely. It is rumored that there is a place somewhere in Hyrule where you double the size or your Magic Meter. 25 __________________________________________________________ Empty Bottle Bottles can carry medicine, milk, or other important things. You can use them whenever you need to. Your inventory cannot exceed four bottles, and you cannot buy them anywhere. Look everywhere and talk to everyone to find them. They are very useful. Potion Life and magic are be restored by taking potions. You can buy potions at the shops, but you must have an empty bottle. Green Completely refills Magic Meter Red Completely refills Life Energy Blue Completely refills Life and Magic Event Items Items that appear in the bottom right corner of the Select Items Subscreen are Event Items. Use them at certain places or show them to certain people during your adventure. Event Items can be set with the C Buttons. Mask The Mask is one of the Event Items. Borrow a Mask from the Happy Mask Shop in Hyrule Castle Town Market. Sell it to someone who needs it and you will be able to get a different Mask. Keep doing this during your adventure, and you may end up with something nice! 26 _________________________________________________________ EQUIPMENT SUBSCREEN How to Equip This screen shows all the items that you can equip. Point to the desired item with the Control Stick and press the A Button to select it. Items that you cannot select are shown in black and white. Deku Seed Bag This bag contains Deku Seeds, the ammunition for your Slingshot. Quiver Arrow are stored in your Quiver. Bomb Bag The bomb bag holds your Bombs. Goron's Bracelet This bracelet allows you to grab and throw the Bomb Flowers of Death Mountain. Silver Scale The scale allows you to dive deeper underwater. 27 _________________________________________________________ Swords Swords appear in order of strength from left to right. Kokiri Sword Link must find the Kokiri Sword. Master Sword This legendary sword resides in the Temple of Time. Giant's Knife This large sword is too heavy to hold with one hand. Shields The shield protects Link from enemy attack. Shields appear in order of defensive power from left to right. Deku Shield This simple shield is made of wood and not very durable. Hylian Shield Hylian soldiers use this shield. It is very strong. Mirror Shield The Mirror Shield deflects special attacks. Clothes Goron and Zora Tunics may be purchased in shops, but they are very expensive. Kokiri Tunic Link begins the game wearing this. Goron Tunic Intense heat is not a problem if Link wears this. Zora Tunic Stay underwater for long periods of time. Boots In some dungeons, Link may need to change boots many times. The Iron and Hover Boots are hidden in treasure chests. Kokiri Boots This is Link's standard choice of footwear. Iron Boots Use the Iron Boots to walk on the bottom of Lake Hylia. Hover Boots Walk over water with the Hover Boots. 28 __________________________________________________________ QUEST STATUS SUBSCREEN Quest Status This screen shows items that you have collected, and the ocarina melodies you have learned as well. [ IMAGE: Quest Status Subscreen ] Special Item Useful items that you have collected appear here. Heart Pieces This represents the number of heart pieces you have collected so far. For every four heart pieces you collect, your Life Energy increases by one. Sage's Medallions Help the six Sages to obtain the Medallions. Collect all of the Medallions to fight the final enemy. Golden Skulltula The number of Golden Skulltulas appear here (see page 36). Ocarina Melody Melodies that you have memorized appear here in note form. Musical Score The selected melody's musical score is layed out here. About Heart Pieces At the beginning, your Life Energy will have only three hearts. Life Energy gradually increases as you collect heart containers. You collect heart containers by defeating the dungeon bosses. You will also find heart pieces scattered throughout Hyrule. For every four heart pieces found, your Life Energy will increase by one. Life Energy will not exceed 20 hearts. 29 ________________________________________________________ Effects of the Ocarina Certain things happen when you play the Ocarina melodies. Use the C Button icons to set the Ocarina. Play the Ocarina by pressing the C[left][down][up][right] Buttons and the A Button. Effect #1 If you play the right music at the right place or in front of the right people, various things will happen (i.e.: the person might give you a hint or a door might open). Effect #2 Playing certain tunes can warp you to different places. How to Remember a Melody There are 12 melodies that you will learn from various people. When you learn a new melody, the music score appears on the screen. If you press the corresponding buttons, then the melody is recorded. The melody always appears on the Quest Status Subscreen. How to Play To play the Ocarina, first make sure it is set to one of the C Button icons. When Link is holding the Ocarina, press the A and C[left][down][up][right] Buttons to play. To stop, press the B Button. 30 _________________________________________________________ MAP SUBSCREEN There are two types of map screens: dungeon and field map screens. Viewing the Field Map Screen At the beginning, the entire Map screen is blank. The map gradually appears as you visit places in the game. [ IMAGE: Map screen ] Link's Current Location Your current location appears here. Area Name The cursor points to the name of the area. If something on the Map screen is blinking, then Link should visit that place next. Viewing the Dungeon Map Screen While inside the dungeon, if you access the Map screen, you can view a map that gradually draws in as you explore. Dungeons are very complex, so check your map often. [ IMAGE: Dungeon Map Screen ] Dungeon Levels Dungeon level numbers appear on the left side of the screen. When you select the desired level with the cursor, the layout of that level appears on the right side of the screen. The Link icon indicates the level you are currently on. The Skull icon indicates the location of the boss (you must have the compass for this icon to appear). Room Colors Blue - Rooms that you have already visited. Blinking - Your current location. No color - Rooms you have yet to visit. Skull Mark Skull marks indicate the location of the dungeon boss. Square Mark Treasure chests are represented by a square mark. If the square mark is red, then the treasure chest has never been opened. Dungeon Map Maps you obtain appear here. 31 _______________________________________________________ What is a Dungeon? If you want to restore peace to Hyrule, you need to journey into the dungeons. Each dungeon has its own boss. Defeat each dungeon boss to complete the dungeon. Treasure Chests/Dungeon Items Treasure chests come in various sizes. Big chests hide important items such as maps and compasses. Dungeon Map A dungeon map shows all the rooms in a dungeon, including your current location. Until you get the map, you can only see rooms that you've been in. Compass The compass shows you the location of all treasure chests. It also shows you the location of the dungeon boss (indicated by a skull mark). Boss Key You need this to open the door to the boss's room. Small Keys and Doors Use small keys to open locked doors. The number of small keys in your inventory appears on the game screen. Once you use a small key, it will disappear. You can only use small keys in the dungeon sections where you find them. There are also one-way doors that only open when you solve the mystery in that room. Small keys do not appear in the dungeons that you visit at the beginning of the game. 32 ________________________________________________________ SAVING WHEN YOUR GAME IS OVER Game Over When you take damage, the Life Energy in the upper left corner of the screen decreases. When you run out of hearts, your game is over. When that happens, the following screen appears. Use the Control Stick to select the desired option and press the A Button to confirm. Would You Like to Save? Yes/No When your game is over, you have the option to save your progress. Select YES to save or NO to quit and return the Title screen. Would You Like to Continue? Yes/No If you select YES, you will start at the beginning of the current dungeon. Select NO and you will return to the Title screen. Listed below are the places you will continue if you game ends. If your game ends . . . Your game will continue . . . in the field (Child Link) at Link's house outside a dungeon (Adult Link) at the Temple of Time in a dungeon at the dungeon entrance When you continue, you only have three hearts full in your Life Energy. Quitting During Gameplay If you want to quit during your adventure, make sure to save your progress first. Turn the power OFF when you are done. If you save and quit during your adventure, the game saves the number of hearts in your Life Energy. *Do NOT turn the power OFF while saving. This may cause saved data to disappear. 33 ________________________________________________________ TIPS FOR YOUR ADVENTURE This section provides you with some helpful hints for your adventure. It is the hope of all people of Hyrule that your wisdom and courage will bring peace back to Hyrule. While you are playing the game, you discover that Link has aged seven years since his adventure began. During that seven-year span, the atmosphere of Hyrule has changed dramatically. Things Link does in his childhood affects him as an adult. In the village of Hyrule, if you do something at the Temple of Time, you will be able to travel between these two time periods. This time travel is necessary for you to progress through your adventure. Make sure to visit the people you met as a child. You never know what has happened to them in seven years. 34 ________________________________________________________ TIPS FOR YOUR ADVENTURE The Passage of Time in Hyrule Time passes in Hyrule. Day turns regularly to night. There are enemies who only appear at night, many stores that are closed at night and people who only appear during the day. Make sure to visit places during the day and night. Time stands still in Kakariko Village and Hyrule Castle Town Market. It's a good idea to travel to other areas in Hyrule, where time passes, before going to these places. Don't Waste Rupees! There are many stores in Hyrule. In the stores, many helpful items are available for purchase. Some items are very expensive. If you have enough Rupees, you can buy these expensive items. In some stores, you can obtain these valuable items without paying or in exchange for certain things. Try to think about other ways to obtain items without wasting Rupees. Some items cost more than the maximum number of Rupees you can collect. 35 _____________________________________________________ Cutting the Grass Grass can be cut with the sword (or picked up and thrown). When cutting the grass, you sometimes find Hearts or Rupees. When you find yourself short on items, try cutting the grass. You never know what you'll find. Make sure to check under rocks and inside vases, too. Collecting the Golden Skulltula When you defeat the Gold Skulltulas (spider monsters), they change into Golden Skull Tokens. Collect these Tokens and you can exchange them at certain places for helpful items. The number of Golden Skulltulas you've collected appear on the Quest Status Subscreen. The more Skull Tokens you collect, the more items you can obtain. If you defeat all of the Gold Skulltulas in a dungeon or area, a mark appears on the corresponding map. If the mark does not appear, then Golden Skulltulas are lurking somewhere nearby. Some Skulltulas cannot be defeated without obtaining a certain item. 36 ______________________________________________________ TIPS FOR YOUR ADVENTURE Setting the C Items You will obtain various items during your adventure. More than likely, dungeons hide important items. You should equip dungeon items immediately. Use items that you find not only in dungeons, but in other places around Hyrule. Use the C Buttons to assign these items. All Enemies Have Weaknesses Enemies are everywhere in the dungeons, and you can be sure that they will attack Link. Stay calm and keep an eye on your enemies with the Z Button. When you do this, if you press the C[up] Button, Navi tells you each enemy's weakness. Knowing an enemy's weakness is the best way to defeat it. If a sword doesn't work, try using an item in conjunction with the sword. 37 _________________________________________________________ Find the Fairy Fountains to Regain Hearts Fairy Fountains are found all over Hyrule, although some of them are hard to find. Visit these fountains to refill your Life Energy. Make sure to look everywhere. Ride the Horse Traveling by foot in Hyrule can take a long time. It's a good idea to use a horse. Horses can be found at Lon Lon Ranch. With a horse, you'll be able to cross the Hylian plains in no time. Although you can only ride the horse in certain places, it will always be waiting for you if you need to go somewhere. You must do something special before you can fide the horse, and you can only ride it when Link is an adult. the number of carrots on the screen indicates the number of times you can increase the horse's speed. 38 ________________________________________________________ TIPS FOR YOUR ADVENTURE Stone of Agony Get Help With the Stone of Agony! The Stone of Agony is an item you may find in Hyrule. When you are near treasure chests or hidden items, if you have the Stone of Agony, your controller rumbles (only with the Rumble Pak accessory). Let's Go Fishing! There's a pond near Lake Hylia where you can go fishing. If you catch a big fish, something good will happen. If you have the Rumble Pak accessory, you will feel a tug on your line. 39 __________________________________________________________ NOTES 40 __________________________________________________________ For further information or assistance, please contact: Nintendo Consumer Assistance Hotline 1-800-255-3700 (U.S. and Canada) Or your local authorized Nintendo retailer. 41