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Aztec, Silo, and Streets in Multiplayer!

This code is another breakthrough in Gameshark code history, though it is not yet glitch-free. This code allows you to play the Aztec, Silo, and Streets levels in multiplayer! The only downfalls are that when you die, you cannot regenerate and the game will freeze, and secondly, some of the walls and doorways in the levels are blacked out. Nevertheless here is the code:

---Aztec, Silo, and Streets in Multiplayer:
800364CB 0000
8102A8F2 0001
8032332A 0001
Thanks to Laugh10704 of the GSCCC message board and 007HQ for this code!

HOW TO USE: Enter the code and start the game. Go into the Multiplayer Settings and choose the number of players you want to have. Then exit the Multiplayer Settings and go to Single Player. Choose either Aztec, Silo, or Streets. The game will start and you will have multiplayer in these levels, but only with slappers. To get weapons, use the master code simultaneously with the above code:

---Master Code:
81036F6C 0000
81036F6E 0002
D0064F31 000C
80024303 0001

When you have both codes turned on, start the game. Then choose one of the three levels to play. When you are in the level, hold the C up, and C down buttons at the same time. Then you will see jumbled letters appear on the screen. Use the D pad to select the one that says All Guns and press A. Then select the text below it, Infinite Ammo, and press A. If everyone presses A on their controllers, it should work that everyone has all guns and infinite ammo! Then press the start button twice to clear the text off of the screen. Like I said, it's not foolproof, but it is a start!

Random Enemies in Missions!

This is an awesome code!!! It will change all the enemies in the levels to a random character! So you could fight all Oddjobs in the facility or all Maydays in the Bunker! Those are just examples of the characters that will come up, but it is completely random! Here is the code:

---Random Enemies in Missions: 80357778 0001
Thanks to (maker of this code)

NOTE: The code does make the game freeze sometimes if you've played more than one level, but just restart the game and try again for a new character. Who knows, maybe Oddjob or Mayday will come up?

Play Cradle and Statue Levels in Multiplayer!

Here is the new gameshark code:

---Play Cradle & Statue in Multiplayer: 8102A8F2 0001
Thanks to "Ace" from the message board & "LC_108" (

NOTE: To get full multiplayer in Cradle or Statue, go to multiplayer and choose the settings you want for the game. Then exit multi settings and go to Mission Select and pick either Cradle or Statue.

How to Get to the Secret Island in the Dam!

Turret and Guard Tower on Island

I recently received an e-mail from someone claiming to have the gameshark code to get to the island in the Dam level. I have tried it myself, and it does work. On the secret island there is a guard tower and a turret. The turret does not move or shoot and just sits there. The guard tower is different from the others in the game. You walk inside it and climb up a ladder to get to the balcony. Unfortunately, this code is a no clipping code which just makes you pass right through it and you can't climb up it.

Put this code into your GameShark:
D0064F31 0030
800D33ED 0050
880D33ED 0000

Then start the first mission, the Dam, and head to the second guard tower that's out past the gate that you shoot the lock off of. Head down the ladder just to the left of the door and out onto the nearest dock. Go to the end of the dock whey you can see the island then press R and L together that will shift you onto the water. If it doesn't try again, It might take a few tries. Once you are on the water walk to the island (you might have to sidestep) after a few seconds of walking you should reach the turret and tower.

Note: It works best if you stand in the corner and press L+R and then push the gameshark button. It will move you over the water and you can walk over there. It does take a while to get there. If you are still having trouble with this code, see Frequently Asked Questions

All Bonds Pictures GameShark Code:

This code will only give you the pictures of the other Bonds and you will be able to select them in multiplayer, but their heads and bodies will not be look like the other Bonds. There are pictures from of another Bond in multiplayer, but we have been unable to get the bodies for this code:
That Isn't Pierce Brosnan!

Thanks to R.J. for this code!

Make this a separate code and call it EXTRA CHARACTERS
Then make a whole new code and call it MOORE

Then make a whole new code and call it DALTON

Then make a whole new code and call it CONNERY

Note: Turn all 4 cheats on. You must start [multi] at least six times before you play a multiplayer game with them, or the pictures wonít look right. Another thing is that the charactersí heads and bodies donít actually look like the other Bonds, but itís good enough for all it is. Another thing is you can only have one more code turned on with them or it wonít work period.

I also found a code that makes all the levels in the game dark and discolored. It's like someone turned the lights off. It is a really cool code and changes the whole look and feel of the levels.

Dark, Discolored Levels:
800212D9 CCCC

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