World Driver Championship

The IGN64 Code
Everybody knows that Boss Game's original 'Porsche' vehicle model color was a beautiful, bold, bright pink. We knew it, you knew it, and Boss most definitely knew it. Of course, the stubborn developer stood its ground, swearing time and time again that the car was in fact red. But with constant pestering (and your help), we may have played a key part in forcing the developer to change the hot pink Porsche to blue, which is the car's color in the final release of World Driver Championship.

If you've got a hunger to see the vehicle in its original, blazing pink form, however, we're proud to announce that you still can. Here's how:

Start a new game in the Championship Mode and enter your name as IGN64. Now, all the vehicles in the game -- including the infamous Porsche -- will glow a bright pink.


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