WCW vs. NWO World Tour

Bash 'em on the Turnbuckle
If someone is standing on the outside of the ring apron, press A to grapple and then press C-Down to hit their head on the turnbuckle.

Bonus Characters
Start League Challenge, then beat all the wrestling leagues. After you win the title in each organization you will get some secret characters: Diamond Dallas Page, Macho Man Randy Savage, Glacier, Wrath, Joe Bruiser, and Black Widow.

Camera Zoom
When choosing a player, if you move the analog stick you can move the player or zoom the camera in and out.

Carry Your Opponent
You can put an opponent on your shoulders by doing a strong grapple from the back and pressing R. You can also hold your opponent so someone can hit him by doing a strong grapple from the back and pressing L.

Change Uniform
At the character selection screen, press LEFT C or RIGHT C to change their uniform.

Cruiserweight Flip
With most cruiserweights you can do this trick. While running off the ropes press A when you hit the ropes and your character will moonsault onto your opponent.

Do Your Opponent's Moves
To execute one of your opponent's moves, get your opponent in a strong grapple (hold down A) when your Spirit Meter is flashing "SPECIAL", and press A + B simultaneously.

Easy Escape From Pins and Submissions
To escape quickly when you are being pinned or placed in a submission hold, rotate the joystick quickly. This will prevent you from taking damage from submission holds and/or being pinned.
NOTE: If your wrestler has been wasted so badly that he/she can not take anymore, this will not work for submission holds.

Easy Win
While in the ring go to the left sides ropes and strong grapple to throw the other player out of the ring. Once other player is out of the ring make sure he/she is down then run over to the right side of the ring opposite of the CPU player and get in the ring. Stay on the apron or just stay on the right side of the ring and the dumb CPU will just stand there and get counted out every time.

Flying Ring Exit
When your opponent is outside the ring, move towards your opponent, then hold Run + Up + A.

Follow Through Tips
When reentering the ring, hold the C-up button so you will go straight into the ring instead of standing on the side. While dragging an opponent, hold the A button immediatly after you let go of the L button to do a move, hold the C-down button to go for a pin, or the R button to pick him up. That way your opponent won't be able to get up.

Gifts from the Crowd
To pull things out of the croud, get out of the ring and move to the metal fence. Then press C-Up. If your character doesn't pull something out, try again somewhere else.

Jump Over Opponent
Throw your opponent against the ring. Then when your opponent is running towards you press L. And you will hurdle your opponent and you can use L to drag your opponent on the ground when there are on there back.

Make Your Opponent Fly (Sort Of)
When someone is on the rope getting ready to jump go to him and press A to throw him off and when he is in the air keep on rotating the joystick and the person who got thrown off will be up in the air. This will make it easier for you to hit him.
Note: When a person is in the air he is not up there for long.

Play as Diamond Dallas Page
Go to League Challenge, choose WCW and play the game until you get to Dallas Page. If you defeat Diamond Dallas you can choose him as a playable character.

Play as Glacier
To access Glacier, beat IU in League Challenge mode.

Play as Joe Bruiser and BlackWidow
When you beat all the different game modes, you will get to an extra menu called Whole World Wrestling. After you beat both Heavyweight and Cruiserweight you face a boss. Defeat that boss and you will be able to pick him as a playable character.

Play as Macho Man Randy Savage
To access Macho Man Randy Savage, beat NWO in League Challenge mode.

Play as Wrath
Choose DOA and play until you meet Wrath. Defeat Wrath and you can select him as a playable character. Be sure to save your game from the option menu.

Raise your Spirit Fast
If you've been pinned outside the ring, hold UP on the analog stick. You'll stay in the pin but your spirit will increase quickly.

Regain Spirit Easily
To regain spirit without attacking anybody, rotate the joystick a couple of times. Only do this when your opponent is on the ground or else you will lose it all when he punches you.

Rope Splash
With most cruiserweights you can splash on an opponent outside the ring. When an opponent is out of the ring press A and the direction you're facing and your charachter will slingshot himself onto your opponent.

Running Flip
Throw your oponent to the ropes. When he bounces back, instead of pressing the B button to clothesline your opponent, press the A button to flip him over or pick him up.

Somersault Role
To do a "role" to dodge your opponent, start running then tap R anytime. You should she your guy do a roll.

Special Moves
To do a special move, get your spirit meter to flash special as described in the directions. The when going for the grapple, hold down A to make your guy move his arms before going for the grapple. This is called a strong grapple. After this, tap the thumbstick.
Note: This is explained horribly in the directions.

Tag Team Finisher
Get behind one of your opponents in a two-player tag team match. Now press and hold A for a strong grapple, then press L to pick up your opponent. Have the other player get on the turnbuckle and he will automatically jump off and do a clothesline and knock your opponent off your shoulders and onto the mat.

Three Times Three Count
Pin your opponent. If the announcer starts counting down then release your opponent and pin him again. Repeat this three times to win.

Three With One Blow
Pick Battle Royal and get four human players (no computer players.) Put one man on the top ropes, throw him off and hold down the joystick. Repeat this process with the other two players, then do a strong grapple on one guy and it will slam all three players at the same time.

Throw Your Opponent Into or Out of the Ring
To throw someone in or out of the ring, press Strong Grapple + the direction of your opponent + C-Down.

Unmask a wrestler
To rip off a wrestler's mask or paint, repeatedly use the eye gouge move. In order to do this you must select a character that can do the eye gouge such as Syxx, Rick Steiner, and Ric Flair. After a few times you will see their face.


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