Wave Race

Baby Dolphins and a Whale
To see the baby dolphins, go to Championship, Normal, then Warm Up. Now follow the dolphin three times around the course as best as possible. If you follow him correctly he will jump over the Bridge after the Dolphin Park sign.
It's important that you do what the dolphin does, so if it does a barrel roll as it clear the jumps, then do barrel rolls; if it does flips, then do flips, etc. The dolphin seems to randomly make a choice as to which trick (if any) it performs each time you turn on the machine, so if you aren't good at the tricks, keep restarting machine until he's just clearing the jumps.
To see the killer whale, repeat this trick 30 times without a mistake. Good luck!

Big Dolphin
To view the big dolphin, you must go to Championship, Normal, then Warm Up. If you do this 20 times consecutively you will see a larger dolphin in Dolphin Park.

Change Colors
While selecting your jetski, highlight any character and hold Up on the analog stick. Continue to hold until your character and jetski change color.

Dive Under Water
As you start up ramp, press and hold Down. As soon as you clear the ramp, press and hold Up to dive under water.
Hint: This works best with wild waves. It just slows you down with calm waves.

Dolphin Ride
Select Stunt Mode mode and enter Dolphin Park. Next go through all the rings and perform the following tricks:
  • Handstand
  • Backwards spin
  • Stand with backflip
  • Single backflip off ramp
  • Dive off ramp
  • Barrel roll off ramp in both directions
If you did the trick correctly a dolphin will squeak when you cross the finish line. To ride your dolphin, select Dolphin Park in a Championship Race and hold Down while selecting your racer.

Double Flip
First get some speed with the jet ski. When you are on the ramp tap Up one inch from the top of the ramp and hold Down to do your flip. Instead of making the character do one complete flip hold the Down button longer so he does another turn. If you do it correctly he will land perfectly and ride on.
Hint: J.Meter is the best racer to do this with; especially on the small ramps.

Double Side Flip
This stunt can earn you over 2000 points if done properly. Head straight at a ramp and gain as much speed as possible. Then about an inch from the top of the ramp push the joystick in the up/diagonal position and then pull down and hold. If your timing was right you'll do a side flip, then a back flip and land perfectly.
Note: J. Meter is the best one to do this with.

Easy Points
Press Start as soon as you complete a stunt. If done correctly all sounds should stop except for the announcer. You want to pause the game as soon as the announcer starts talking after you do a stunt. If done correctly, you can get up to 30,000 points on a level!
For even more points, cross the finish line at 0 time. This will push your score even higher!

Helicopter Trick
Get up as much speed as possible and head for a ramp. As you reach the peak of the ramp, press the control stick Down and Left or Down and Right.

Reverse Courses
If you win the gold cup on Expert, you get a Reverse option. Unlike Mario Kart 64 where the tracks are only "mirrored", in WaveRace 64 you can actually run the courses in their opposite direction.

Ride Backwards
To ride backwards, rotate the joystick clockwise and quickly press and hold Down.

Start With Max Power
At the start of the race, press the Accelerate button immediately before the third beep.

Turbo Charge
For a faster jetski, hold the gas button immediately before the announcer says "Go!" The closer you are to the announcement, the faster your jetski will go.


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