Vigilante 8

Alien Vehicle
Enter the password GIMME_DA_ALIEN.

All Levels, Characters and Vehicles
Enter the password JTBT7CFD1LRMGW to open up all the stages and cars.

All Vehicles Except the Alien
Enter the password GANGS_UNLOCKED.

Bonus Level
Successfully complete 'Y' the Alien's quest and you will be able to play in Super Dreamland 64, a colorful fantasy world.

Choose the Same Car
To let multiple players use the same car, enter the password MIX_MATCH_CARS.

Classified Secret Moves
The following are the secret moves labeled as classified (and thus undocumented) in the manual:

  • Interceptor Missiles
    Halo Decoy: Up-Up-Down-Fire Machine Gun
    Cost: 2 Missiles

  • Bull's Eye Rockets
    Stampede: Up-Down-Up-Fire Machine Gun
    Cost: 5 Rockets

  • Sky Hammer Mortar
    Turtle Turnover: Down-Down-Down-Fire Machine Gun
    Cost: 2 Shells

  • Bruiser Cannon
    Cow Puncher: Down-Up-Down-Fire Machine Gun
    Cost: 2 Shells

  • Roadkill Mines
    Cactus Patch: Left-Right-Up-Fire Machine Gun
    Cost: 2 to 6 Mines

Enable Ultra-High Resolution
Enter the password MAX_RESOLUTION.

Enhanced Missiles
Enter the password MISSILE_ATTACK.

god Mode
For invincibility, enter the password LIVING_FOREVER.

Pilot a Blimp
In the Casino City, you'll see a blimp flying around. Wait for it to land and when the back hatch opens, drive in. It closes and takes off. You can steer it, but can't go up and down. If you're flying over a building with cool power-ups, push Accelerate and you fall out. Watch out because if one of you opponents has heat-seekers or something and they shoot it, it will hit the blimp and the blimp will explode and you don't get it back.

Rapid-Fire Weapons
Enter the password FIRE_NO_LIMITS.

Reduced Gravity
Enter the password A_MOON_GETAWAY.

Enter the password GO_REALLY_SLOW.

Super Hard Difficulty
Enter the password I_AM_TOUGH_GUY.

Unlock Levels
To unlock all levels, enter the password LEVEL_SHORTCUT.

View all Endings
Enter the password LONG_SLIDESHOW.


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