Turok Dinosaur Hunter

Auto Shotgun in First Level
After you've killed the first two dinosaurs in the level, walk down the narrow passageway. When you reach the end turn to your left look up and you'll see a cliff lower than the rest of the cliffs climb up the wall directly underneath the cliff. When you get to the top you'll see a guy with a pulse rifle cannon, a box of shotgun shells. Defeat him, then enter the narrow passageway to get the auto shotgun.

Beat the Campaigner
When facing the Campaigner (the final boss), take out your Particle Accelerator and start charging it. As you charge it the Campaigner should stall and stand still. Now fire it at him and change your weapon (the minigun and auto shotgun work well.)
Even though he has a forcefield he'll start laughing as he blocks your attack. This leaves him open for your second attack. Repeat this process for an easy victory.

Campaigner: Dead or Alive?
Before doing this, enter the invulnerability, infinite ammo, all weapons and infinite lives codes. When you reach the teleporter that teleports you to the Campaigner, turn on the code that slows down the game. Now have your Chronoscepter out as your weapon and charge it. When ready to fire, go in and shoot the campaigner immediatly. Now kill him just enough so that one shot from the staff kills him. Keep him alive and let him live. Concentrate on the little holes on the wall. When the Campaigner teleports there, Shoot your ChronoScepter at him. If he's not dead yet and teleported out, wait for him to teleport there again. Then shoot the Chronoscepter again. Keep doing that until he dies. When the ending comes after you kill, he will still be alive and start attacking you during the ending sequence. After you go down the elevator, you can barely see him running behind you sometime.

Cheat Codes
Enter these codes in the "Enter Cheat" menu. To use them, go to the Cheat Menu and enable the desired codes.
  • All Weapons - CMGTSMMGGTS
  • Dana's Cheat - DNCHN (shrinks enemies)
  • Disco Mode - SNFFRR
  • Flight Mode - LKMBRD (use R and L to move up and down)
  • Gallery - THBST
  • Greg Mode - GRGCHN
  • Infinite Lives - FRTHSTHTTRLSCK
  • Pen and Ink Mode - DLKTDR
  • Purty Colors - LLTHCLRSFTHRNB
  • Quack Mode - CLLTHTNMTN
  • Robin's Cheat - RBNSMTH
  • Show All Enemies - NSTHMNDNT
  • Show the Credits - FDTHMGS
  • Spirit Mode - THSSLKSCL
  • Unlimited Ammo - BLLTSRRFRND

    Deformed Turok
    To access the Deformed Turok code you must have these codes and only these codes on: Spirit Mode, All weapons, and Unlimited Ammo. Then warp to the Campaigner stand in one place and kill him with the Mini Gun. Finally at the end Turok should be DEFORMED and looks wacky.
    For more deformities, beat the Campaigner with the minigun with invinciblity and infinite ammo. Add Disco Mode to the mix for a truly bizarre effect.

    Grenade Launcher in the Ruins
    When you get to the temple with the save point on top, save then look around. Look to your side and you'll see a ten-point Life Force. Walk toward it and you should see a sparkling path. Follow it and you'll find the Grenade Launcher.

    Jumping from Pole To Pole
    An easy way to solve that is by putting on the map. When you jump as soon as the map arrow (meaning your position) goes over the rock pole marked on the map let go of the button and you will fall right on the rock pole. Thsi stops you from falling when jumping from rock pole to rock pole.

    T-Rex Short Cut and Weapons
    After killing the T-Rex boss you are teleported to a room with a warp. Don't go inside but look around and you should find an entrance. Go inside until you find a weapon. Keep going and you will find more weapons and a backpack. Keep on going until you come into a room with dead bodies hanging from the roof. Go straigt forward until you see a yellow room. Go inside and you will be teleported to Campaigner.

    Ultimate Code
    For level select, all weapons and much more, enter the code "NTHGTHDGDCRTDTRK" at the "Enter Cheat" menu.

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