Surly Players
For a crew that frequently resorts to fisticuffs, highlight Fighting on
the Options screen. Hold the L Button, and on the C Buttons, press this
sequence: Right, Left, Left, Right, Down, Up, Up, Down, Left, Right,
Right, Left, Right, Left. A line called "Specials", followed by a series
of numbers, will appear if the code was entered correctly.

To get The Special menu
Go to the Options Screen where you are able to change the rink size and
other options. Hold Down C and press the R Button. This will bring up a
line of zeros at the bottom of the screen with "Specials:" written next
to it.

Head Size
To change the Head Size, hold Down C and press the R Button. Enter the
code again, and you'll get a different head size.

Body Size
To change the Body Size, hold Left C and press the R Button. To change
the Height of the player, hold Left C and press the R Button for a
second time.

Announcer's Voice
To change the Announcer's Voice to a deep, slow voice, hold Up C and
press the R Button. Perform the code again to give the announcer a high,
fast voice.


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