Bonus Stadiums
Enter the following cheats at the code enter screen to get the secret
staduims listed:
•OURHOUSE: Tiburon
•DOGPOUND99: Cleveland
•NOTAFISH: Original Miami
•STICKEM: Original Oakland
•SOMBRERO: Original Tampa
•FOR_RENT: Astrodome

Bonus Teams
Enter one of the following names at the code entry screen.

•NFC Pro Bowl -- BESTNFC
•AFC Pro Bowl -- AFCBEST
•All-Madden Team -- BOOM
•All-Time Stat Leaders -- IMTHEMAN
•60s Greats -- PEACELOVE
•70s Greats -- BELLBOTTOMS
•80s Greats -- SPRBWLSHUFL
•90s Greats -- HEREANDNOW
•All-Time Greats -- TURKEYLEG
•75th Anniversary Team -- THROWBACK
•NFL Equipment Team -- GEARGUYS
•1999 Cleveland Browns -- WELCOMEBACK •EA Sports -- INTHEGAME
•Tiburon -- HAMMERHEAD

Deion's High Step
This can be done with any player when you score a touchdown. Run to the
endzone. Make sure there are no defenders within 10 yards of you.  Then
after you pass the five yard line press and hold C-Up. If done right you
will see the player put the ball in both hands and begin a high step


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