See ending sequences
To see some of the cool real-time rendered winning sequences, turn on
your N64 and hold the L, R, and Z buttons when the EA logo comes up. You
will now be treated to some nice eye-candy.
Congratulations. You've made it! You've cheated your way to an ending

Unlock Hidden Team
A hidden team, Tiburon, is included in Madden 64. To unlock the team go
to Season mode and then to Front Office. Select Create Player and then
go to name. Enter "Tiburon" into the field and then go down to continue.
Save it and then go back to the main menu (using the B button). Now go
into Exhibition mode and the team Tiburon will be selectable. They are

New Stadium
Go to season mode, then front office, then create player and type in San Matoa (not sure on the spelling) for a new EA stadium or you could type in "howlie" for a confrence team. REMEMBER:only one code at a time!

Flying Player

In two player mode, have the first player press B as fast as he can and have the 2nd player press left c as fast as possible; soon a player should start to fly in the air!

NOTE: these buttons must be pressed extremly rapidly or the code won't work and I'm not sure if you have to do this code when your on defense or offense.


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