Cheat Menu
Access the Options menu, then select Continue Options and hold block+run
for about 10 seconds.

Alternate Outfits
Go to the character select screen. Hold Start, and press run, block, and
high punch. You should pick the character, and his picture should spin,
revealing the traditional MK sign. Quickly press Start, run, block and
high punch all at the same time again. You should hear a voice say
"Superb" to confirm that the trick worked. If you can't get it to work,
simply try pressing start, run, block, and high punch many times.

Play as Meat, Goro, and Noob.
In order to play as the character MEAT you must go to "GROUP MODE" which
can only be played in a two player mode. Play every character in the
game (16 in all) and make sure you win every time. After you play and
win with the final character you can pick anyone, your character will
then be MEAT. He will have all the moves of the character you selected
but will look like a bloody skeleton.
Select the Hidden button on the character select screen, then move up
three, over one to Shinnok, and press block and run.

Select the "hidden" button on the character select screen and then move
up two, over one to Reiko, and press block and run. (If you still
haven't figured it out: Noob Saibot is "Boon/Tobias" backwards. Ed Boon
and John Tobias are the creators of Mortal Kombat)


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