Killer Instinct Gold

All Options Instantly
Press these for getting all options instantly: Z, B, A, Left Shift, A,

This code makes the game a little more interesting

View Credits
To view all of the credits without finishing the game, press in this
combination: Z, left shift, A, Z, A, and Right Shift.

Check out all of the people who helped to make Killer Instinct Gold

Reach the Sky Level
When at the Character Select screen and in Two-player Mode (two joypads
must be plagged in), hold down the analog joystick and press kick (the
bottom C button) simultaneously. You should be able to play in the sky
(just like with the arcade version).
The camera zooms back after your player knocks an opponent off the edge
for a wide screen angle

Glacious Infinite Combo
This is a real infinite combo. Use Glacious's liquidize and uppercut
with a medium kick for the opener, and then press forward and fierce
kick, keep repeating this and the combo will go on until the life bar is
gone or the opponent breaks it (or unless your hands get tired). This
can also be opened with the Cold Shoulder with a medium punch then
forward and fierce kick. Thanks go to Willie Navarre for this code
This code is manual and harder to break than any auto code

Multi-colored Players
At the character select screen (same as where you chose Gargos), press
ZBAZAL. this code will automatically save, and will enable you to play
as the black, gold, and white colors without the necessary training.

The charcoal guy on the left hasn't been singed, that's his chosen color

Play as Gargos
Play as Gargos
At the character select screen, where age, height, etc are shown, press
ZARZAB. You will him him laugh if the code works.


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