Move title screen logo
At the title screen hold Z to make the baseball in the logo stop
spinning. Keep holding Z and then move the joystick to make the baseball
rotate however you like. It's a useless trick, but a fun one.

Shoot fireworks in View Stadium
When you get into the "View Stadium" mode by pressing the Z button while
choosing your stadium, you can shoot fire works by pressing the Z and R
button at the same time. The fireworks shoot near home plate. This code
works in every stadium.

Get Extra Teams
You play exibition mode and when the ball comes up for you to pick what mode you want, press all four c buttons at the same time keep on doing it until you here the beep. Then you go to where the all-star teams were and you will see the Angel Studios team and the Nintendo team. Everybody on the team is perfect 10's.

Unlimited Homers
When your up to bat with griffey pause the game and press left, left, right,
right, right, left, left and he will point to the wall hit the next pitch and you'll hit a homerun. (YOU CAN DO THIS AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!)


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