Faster Shots
To speed up your shot, simply hold B after the ball is hit. It may take about 2 seconds, then your ball will speed up. This trick doesn't affect your shot distance; only the speed at which the ball travels.

Putting Tips
If you keep missing those 5-7 foot putts, then use the golfer's leg as a guide line. If it's raining you'll have to hit the ball a little harder.
If you always miss longer puts then look at the slope on the green.
The power meter is a little awkward because the third faint line from full power is actually 50%, and straight full is an overswing.
Also, if you are hitting out of the sand and you have the easy hit feature on, you should hit slightly higher then where the game tells you to.

Water Glitch
While playing on a hole with water in it (ex. Hole 13) hit your ball into the water on your next turn to hit your player should be in his stance in the water!


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