Fighter's Destiny

9th Gained Skill
After you have gained all eight skills from master mode go to two player battle. Select Win or Lose mode. Pick the player you have eight gained skills with, then defeat your opponent. They will lose one of their skills but you will gain your ninth skill. Now beside your name you will have not only a star but a red circle beside the name as well.

Note: You must have a saved player on both controller packs for this code to work.

Beating Master Mode
To start off, avoid picking the Joker by choosing before the wheel starts going really fast. All Jokers do is gain levels to make the master harder next battle and a threat for a game over. You don't have to beat all of the Jokers, just the masters. Beating the master is easy if you go after him with cheap attack over and over again and make sure you stay away from the edge when he is hanging or he will pull you down almost every time. Also make sure to hit him with the moves he teaches you. Most of them are useful.

Beating Time Attack Mode
For the first two battles perform a knock down at the start of all four rounds the rounds. Somtimes they will block this but keep restarting. It is possible to get through both of them in a total nine seconds. With Joker you must get the first hit on him and perform as many combos as possible or use the same moves over and over again. In other words be cheap. And master is not difficult as long as you go right after him and don't sit around. This guy is simply a time waster.

Beating Ushi the Cow
The object of the Ushi fight is to dodge his attacks for at least one minute. The best person for this job is Vallerie. There for you must hit him in the air by uppercutting him or using her flip kick (Back, Forward, B) and then juggle him in the air with a combo like B, B, B, A. But make sure to block often and to stay away from edges.

Ninja also works. If you're using him then just keep blocking until Ushi turns around. Block his kicks then press B rapidly to do half uppercuts until he is at the edge then stop move back and repeat the pattern.

Change Pierre into a Werewolf
To change Pierre into a werewolf choose Pierre in his second suit. As you are play as Pierre press L rapidly. Every time you do this twice Pierre will spin and his nose will get bigger. If you do this for about twenty seconds Pierre's nose will explode and he will look like a werewolf for the rest of the round!

Color Change
After choosing your fighter, hold R until the match begins.

Kill After the Timer Runs Out
When the timer runs out and there is a judges' decision, get as close to the enemy as you can in the final seconds. If you win you will do your winning pose and hit you're opponent in the process. You might even hit them off the edge!

Play as Boro
To play as Boro, beat the game in EASY mode.

Play as Robert the Robot
Beat everybody in "faster" mode in less than one minute.

Note: You need a star by your name for this code to work. You earn a star by beating the game.

Play as Ushi the Cow
In Rodeo mode, survive with Ushi for one minute. Make sure you do not kill Ushi or the code won't work.

Note: You need a star by your name for this code to work. You earn a star by beating the game.

Play as the Joker
To play as the Joker, defeat all 100 characters in survival mode.

Note: You need a star by your name for this code to work. You earn a star by beating the game.

Play as the Master
To play as the Master, enter the Master Challenge Mode and defeat all opponents. To beat the Master easily, hold Down + Block during the match. If you can survive long enough he'll explode.

Ushi's Secret Knock Down
Ushi has a knock down that is not listed in the command list. It is the only hidden move in the game. All you need to do is press L twice. This will make Ushi pull out a jug of milk and drink it. When Ushi is done he will swing the bottle and if your opponent is hit by this he will be dazed waiting for you to finish him off.

Winning Poses
To get different winning poses, press A or B rapidly for two different poses.


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