Be a quitter and still win
Enter your name as "RA50" at the name selection screen. If you now quit during a race at any point, the game will still pretend that you finished it in whatever position you were when you selected the quit option.

Race as the Extreme Team
Try out this fun Trick: Enter your name as "XGTEAM" at the name entry screen (you should hear a confirmation noise), then go back and change it to the first name of one of the game's programmers, such as Ash, Greg, John, Shawn, Justin (you can find more names in the credits). The faces of the Extreme team will now appear on top of the bikes. Now we all know how the programmers look like.

Shoot Fergus
The programmers of Extreme-G have hidden the face of Probe's director in the game. Enter your name as "FERGUS," then go into the Shoot 'em Up Mode. The drones will now have turned into Fergus's face. You can now shoot him -- but remember that his wrath will be tremendous.

Ultimate Password (Extra Track)
Enter 81GGD5 at the password screen to unlock all the regular tracks, both hidden bikes (Roach and Neon), and the special hidden track. This hidden track will appear on the right side of the selection menu

Drive the Neon bike and open all courses
Go to the Options Menu and enter the password 61GGB5. All tracks (bonus tracks excluded) will now be open and you can ride the hottest bike in the XG universe, the Neon. The Neon is fast, strong, armored and has the most powerful weapon.

Weapons cheat
To receive weapons whenever you want, simply enter your name as "arsenal" at the name selection screen in the Contest Mode.

Slippery Track
Enter "banana" at the name entry screen (Contest Mode). The track will now be super-slippery and make racing a lot harder.

Unlimited Turbo Boosts
So Extreme-G is still not fast enough for you? Enter the word "nitroid" at the name selection screen and you get unlimited turbo boosts.

Extreme Speed
For the ultimate challenge, try the "Extreme Mode." Simply enter "xtreme" as your name at the name selection screen (Contest Mode) and XG cranks up the speed even more. Combine with Fisheye for some insane action.

Extremely Ghostly
Enter the word "ghostly" at the name entry screen (Contest Mode) and all the track polygons will be transparent. You can now see right through walls and even the very ground you race on. The Ghost Mode makes everything transparent

Magnify Mode
Enter the word "magnify" (all lower keys) at the name entry screen and your view will be strangely distorted (magnified). Your bike is now at the very bottom and everything will seem huge.

Race Upside Down
Enter the word "antigrav" at the name entry screen (Contest Mode) and you will finally be able to race upside down without standing on your head!

Stealth Mode
Enter "stealth" (all lower keys) at the name select screen (Contest Mode) and you will hear a confirmation sound. Now start a race and all drivers should be invisible, but you can still see their shadows and weapons.

The Ultimate Bike: Neon
Finish the final circuit and you get Neon, the best bike in the game. All attributes are completely maxed out, including speed, shields and handling.

Ugly Mode or PSX Mode!
Enter "uglymode" at the name selection screen (Contest) and you can see what Extreme-G would look like without mip-mapping and texture transparencies.

Wireframe Mode
Want to know what a Color Virtual Boy version of Extreme-G would look like? Start a new Contest and enter your name as "wired" (all lower keys). This will eliminate all textures and only give you wireframes.

Ride the Roach
Finish Extreme-G's Contest Mode on Meltdown, and you receive Roach, an extremely well-performing racing machine. Use it to exterminate your enemies. Roach. One of XG's hidden bikes.

Fisheye Lens
If Extreme-G is still not fast enough for you, how about an optical trick that makes the scenery fly by even faster? Go to the "Contest" mode, enter your name (press R, then press R to switch to lower case in the name entry menu) and enter the word "fisheye" (all lower case). You will hear a confirmation code to tell you that the trick worked. The screen will be distorted (like with a fisheye lens) and gives you an even greater feeling of speed Try the fisheye lens for even faster speeds!

Race as a Boulder
Extreme-G lets you transform your bike (and everyone else's) into a rolling boulder. Start a new "Contest" and at the bike selection press R. This brings up the name entry mode. Press R again to switch to lower case. Just enter the word "roller" (no caps) and you should hear a confirmation sound. Start the race and get ready for a different kind of "Boulder Dash."

Enter the password as bbbbbb and you get all the other courses that you did not have, but the ones that you did, you can not go on.


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