Star Wars Shadows of the Empire

All Weapons
Rename any save file to "_Jabba" (the "_" stands for SPACE) then set the difficulty to JEDI. When you start playing you'll have all weapons at maximum power.

Control Enemies
Start a new file on MEDIUM difficulty, and make sure your Controller is on the Traditionbal setting. Now enter your name as "_Wampa__Stompa" (the underscores are spaces.) Note that there is one space before Wampa and TWO spaces before Stompa. Make sure you are entering the words in the proper case. After you correctly enter this name, you can activate the following codes during game play:
To Drive an AT-ST:
Play through the Battle of Hoth until the AT-STs appear. Press Left on the Control Pad (not the Control Stick) and C-Right, then press UP on the d-pad. Now press right C to scroll through the game views. The over-the-shoulder view of your snowspeeder will be replaced with an over-the-shoulder view of an AT-ST! Use the Control Pad to steer and press Up on the pad to fire. You can control the AT-ST in a general way, but it will fire at everything in its path.

To Become a Snowtrooper or Other Enemy:
In any first-person level, press Right on the Control Pad and C-Right simultaneously, then press Up on the pad. Use the C-Right Button to switch between Dash and the enemy you've captured. As the enemy, press Left, Right or Up on the Control Pad to move, and press Down to attack. Once you take over a creature he won't hurt Dash, even if you switch back. The health and power meters on the screen will be for Dash, not the trooper.

Note: If a creature you're controlling falls off a cliff you won't die. Instead, you'll fall to the bottom of the level at which point you can walk on thin air.

Debug Mode
This code is totally awesome! But it is tricky.

1. Start a new file on MEDIUM difficulty.
2. Enter your name as "_Wampa__Stompa" (the underscores are spaces.) Remember, there is ONE space before Wampa and TWO spaces between Wampa and Stompa. Also, the W in Wampa and the S in Stompa must be capitalized.
3. Begin playing on any level of the game, and pause the game.
4. Hold down ALL of the following: all C Buttons, Z, L, R, and Control Pad Left (That's the digital cross-pad on the left side of the controller.)
5. While holding all of those down, Push the Analog control stick HALFWAY to the left, and hold it until you hear a "donk" sound (about five seconds.)
6. Repeat, but hold the control stick halfway to theright, waiting until you hear the "donk" sound.
7. Repeat again to the left, again to the right, and again to the left.
8. A pink text should appear at the top of the screen. Use L and R to change options. Some options require pushing the Control Stick up or down to change. press A to activate them.
9. To get the Cheat Menu back, pause the game, then hold down all the buttons used in Step 3 above and move the Control Stick Left or Right.

NOTE: Using these options might get you stuck in the game. Weird stuff WILL Happen.

Debug Mode Camera Glitch
Enter the Debug mode code. On any level, hold down the Camera button for about 5 seconds and the whole level will show up in night vision. This will show you hidden areas because you can see through walls.

Defeat Slave I Easily
Its a hard trick to do but when you get it you can kill Slave I with just your blaster pistol and you can save your seekers etc. In the middle of the battle field there is a depression where the doors are. If you stand on the very edge of the depression Slave I will fly up to and you will slide right between his guns. Then all you have to is aim up and fire.

Hint: Make sure Slave I is right by you or he will shoot you as he gets closer. It may take a couple of tries to get it to work. But when you get this trick to work it will save you a lot of lives.

Defeat the Sewer Boss Easily
You can't fire the disruptor under water, but if you hover at the surface you can fire at him. With practice you'll be able to take him out in three or four disruptor blasts.

First Person View in X-Wing
To get the first person view in the X-wing or Tie Fighter you must get to the second stage of the skyhook battle and change to the first person view. Then just enter the X-wing/Tie fighter cheat.

Fly the X-Wing or Tie Fighter
This trick works only on the Medium difficulty setting. You must get all the challenge points before this code will work.

Hold the camera button on the final level (while you are flying around Space Hook) and your ship will change into an X-Wing. Hold it again and you'll become a Tie-Fighter!!

Fly the X-Wing or Tie Fighter without Challenge Points
To fly the X-wing or TIE fighter without earning all the challenge points, do this. Pause the game, then hold Left on the control pad (not the stick) and hold C-Left + C-Down + C-Right + L + R + Z. While holding these buttons you can press Up or Down on the control stick to change into the different starships.

Note: Your controller must be in the Traditional setting to use this code.

Friendly Wampas
On the Jedi difficulty setting, the Wampas will be your friends if you get all the challenge points. They follow you around and kill enemies!

Go Anywhere on Hoth
On Hoth, turn into the At-St. Then, immediately destroy the other At-St so it doesn't destroy the snowspeeder. Head directly for a mountain. The game will try to swerve you to the left, but by pressing hard right, you will move straight. You will pass through the mountain and emerge on an emty snowland.

In the middle of this, the game will stop trying to make you go left. Then, just head straight. The background should waver a few times, but just keep going. Walk through the "wall" on the back of the snowland, and go into a place surrounded by clouds. As before, walk right through it and this time, you hit the major glitch. You seem to be walking, but don't really move. And copies of yourself emerge everywhere. To make it even wierder, switch between the snowspeeder and the AT-ST.

Depending on your speed of switching, something different may happen. To get out of it, simply turn around and walk back through the landscapes. If you emerge on the wrong side, though, the ion cannons can be trouble. This trick can be used on all sides of Hoth.

Invincibility and More Ammo
This trick works only on the Hard difficulty setting. You must get all the challenge points before this code will work.

Hold the crouch button on the first-person levels for fifteen seconds. Dash will gain invincibility and full ammo for the weapons you're carrying.

Lebo Scanner WITHOUT Challenge Points
Start a new file, and make sure your Controller is on the Traditional setting. Enter your name as "_Wampa__Stompa." Note that there is one space before Wampa and TWO spaces before Stompa. Make sure you are entering the words in the proper case. After you entered your name do the following:

Go to a first person stage, and while playing hold all "C" buttons + L + R + Z + Left on the control pad until the Lebo Scaner pops up.

Leebo Scanner
This trick works only on the Easy difficulty setting. You must get all the challenge points before this code will work.

Hold the camera button in the first-person sections for five seconds to reveal a 'map' view that lets you see enemies and items.

Lock Camera View
To lock the camera view on the snowspeeder level, hold the camera button (C-Right) until your snow speeder moves without the camera tracking it.

Rainbow Dash and Outrider
With "Debug Mode" on turn lighting off, Dash and the Outrider will be a "rainbow" of colors.

View Designers
After you see the ending with view credits, press START to return to the title screen. From here, hold UP-RIGHT with the control stick and you will see the game's designers.

View Ending
Start a new game on Hard and enter your name as "_Credits". When you start the game you will see the ending credits and a playing tip.

Wampa Sound Effects
To add wampa sounds to the main menu, enter your name as "R_Testers_ROCK".

Zombie Dash
After passing all of the levels on hard or jedi, goto Hoth (Escape from Eco Base), get to the Outrider and blow up the enemies. Then go inside and kill yourself with a disrupter, wait a few seconds and Dash will get up and you can control his dead body for a while.


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