Zipper Trick
To get the maximum speed boost from zippers, be sure to release the A button before driving over one -- repress the accelerator as soon as rainbow colored smoke comes from your vehicle, not before.

The more the better, take the extra boost.

All balloons are blue

Be the Same Character

Code: DOUBLEVISION (two players can select the same character)

Huge Characters

Keep The Speed
Code: OFFROAD gives you the same speed on all surfaces

Maximum Item Powerup

Music Test
Code: JUKEBOX (Check under Audio Options)

No Zippers

Play as TT
TT is a playable character in Diddy Kong Racing. But Rare really makes you work for it. You have to beat all of the tracks in the game in Time Challenge to get him. He will then appear as a playable on the character select screen.

Tiny Players


Credits screen
Enter this cheat in the magic code screen to see the credits.

Extreme Opponents
Enter TIMETOLOSE at the magic codes screen and players can battle it out against opponents possessing extremely hard AI.
Diddy Kong getting too easy? Not with this code, trust me.

Adventure Two (Mirror Courses)
To access Adventure Two, you need to beat Wizpig in Future Funland and in the Overworld, get the TT and Wizpig amulets, and get golds in all four Trophy races.
Adventure Two is the same full set of courses from Adventure One, except they're all mirrored.

It wouldn't be a Rare game without a hidden second quest.

Code Access
To access all of the codes, you need to beat entire adventure (one). After beating Wizpig (in either the first or second race), you'll open
up the credits. Watch the credits cut-scenes at the end and before it finishes, a code, like "FreeFruit" will appear. Go to Options and enter them into the Magic Code List.
Each time you beat Wizpig in either the first or second race, you will see a new code given. There are tons of them!
Ever wondered where all those wonderful codes come from?

Free Fruit
By beating Wizpig the second time, and after watching the screen credits, at the end you'll see the password, "FreeFruit." Enter this in
to start with 10 bananas.

Enter this code and you get 10 bananas at the start of the race

Future Funland

To access Future Funland, the fifth world, you must place first in all of the Trophy Races and acquire the Wizpig Amulet. You don't need the TT amulet to access the fifth world, but once you're in Future Funland, you'll need it to race Wizpig again. Drive to the Trophy sign (near the Lighthouse) and park in front in of
it to gain access. You will see your character enter into the lighthouse, which then turns into a rocketship and blasts off to space.


TT Amulet
To access the TT room in World 5, containing the second race with Wizpig, you need to get all of the TT keys in each of the four worlds.
The keys are in located in Ancient Lake, Dino Domain; Snowball Valley, Snowflake Mountain; Crescent Island, Sherbet Island; and Boulder Canyon, Dragon Forest.

Access a new room when you get all the TT keys

Wizpig Amulet
To piece together the full Wizpig amulet, you must race and beat each of the four bosses twice.

Piece together the Wizpig Amulet

All Balloons are Green
This code will turn all the balloons green

All Balloons are Rainbows
This code turns all balloons rainbow

All Balloons are Red
Balloons are now exclusively red

All Balloons are Yellow
Now all the balloons are yellow

Bogus Bananas
reduce your speed...

Players can use the bananas to their advantage

Change Horn Sounds

This code will change the horn sounds in the game

Computer Can't Use Weapons
This code keeps enemies from using weapons

No Bananas in Multiplayer Mode

Play as Drumstick
To play as Drumstick find all of the amulets, the WizPig and the TT amulets. Once you've done this, squash a frog in the central area (place with the red spot).

Just when you thought Rare had left a food group out, Drumstick the chicken comes along

Two-player Adventure
Play the adventure with two players

Unlimited Bananas
Players now have unlimited bananas at their disposal

Turbo Start
As in so many N64 racing games, Diddy's got a Turbo Start (like Wave Race, Mario Kart 64). Just after the high-voiced announcer says "Get Ready" and the words start to fade, press the acclereration button (A). You'll get a mighty boost.The boost is more powerful and lasts longer the later you enact it. But be careful not to start it too late or it won't work at all.


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