Command and Conquer 64

Fill Power And Get $$
Running low on money and need more power? Instead of building an advanced power plant, build 2 regular power plants. It costs $100 dollars less to build the two regular power plants, and these plants have better armor than the advanced power plant.

Sandbag "Prisons"
If you surround your entire base and the nearest tiberium field with sand bags, opposing units approaching your base, will stop and not shoot down the sand bags. You can then surround the units with sand bags and trap them inside. As long as you don't go near the cells with military units, they won't shoot down the sand bags. Wait long enough and you could have your own prison!

Sandbag Trick
To build things away from your base, use sandbags in a chain. This works with any building. You can use this trick to place your buildings in an enemy's base.

Sell Men
Place your Mini-Gunners really close to a sand bag wall and sell the wall. If your men were close enough, and it works right, your men have been sold.


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