All weapons
Enter RCKTSRDGLR as a code.

Boat Assault bonus level
Complete Campaign mode to unlock the Boat Assault level.

Alternately, enter WRDRB as a code to unlock Boat Assault bonus level.

Brandonís gang
Enter NNKNHCKS as a code to unlock Brandonís gang in multi-player mode.

Custom 1 gang
Enter TRDDYBRRKS as a code to unlock the Custom 1 gang (with M2 Hydra tank) in multi-player mode.

Enter HPPYHPPY as a code.

Select level
Enter 80DYS as a code.

Weapon Power-up
Get 15 of some items and press the a,b and z buttons to make the weapon stronger:

1. Flame thrower- fires three flames simultaniously.
2.Teleporters- makes a teleporter which follows the opponent and keeps them off of the course allowing you temporary safety.
3.Grenades- creatses a HUGE explosion stay back!
4.Guided Misiles- big missle fires lazers.
5.Swarmers- fires all of them continuously.
6.Bouncing Betties- fires all of them and they automaticly go off.
7.Plasma Bolts- just like swarmers.
8. Mines- places them all at once.
9. Gun Buddies- just like mines
10. Lazers- fills the area with lasers.

††† ††† ††† ††† †††

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