Alien Abductors
At the "ENTER CHEATS" screen enter the cheat code of "ATEMYBUIK". This will now enable an alien themed stadium called Alienapolis at the bottom of the stadium select list.

When you play on this field the 2nd team (or 2nd player in Home Run Derby) will be aliens on a team called the "Abductors". The players remain the same except for their appearance.

Backwards Batters
When you are already into a game, pause it and go to the change lineup option. Then replace your batter with a different batter that bats the same way. Go back to the game long enough just to see your batter. Then go to the change line-up option again and replace your batter with a batter that bats opposite of him. (A righty for a lefty, or vice versa.) Then go look at your batter and he'll be backwards.

Beachball Baseballs
Enter BBNSTRDS at the cheat menu and your baseball will be beachball sized.

Big Heads, Big Bodies, Big Bats, OH MY!
To access this code, go to the "Enter Cheat" menu and type GOTHELIUM. Go into the game and the players body parts and bats should be enlarged.

Broken Bats
At the enter cheats screan enter BRKNBAT, and during the game you will brake many bats.

Cal Ripken Glitch
When playing at Camden Yards the scoreboard in center field always has Cal Ripken's stats and says it's the bottom of the seventh inning.

Enter the following code at the titles screen to enable a credits option: R, A, Z, R, C-Right, A, B.

Easy Base
To get a runner on first base, press C-Down. This will cause you to bunt. Hold C-Down and aim your bunt toward third base. When the ball is bunted it will be down the third base line. The players will attempt to throw you out but you will be safe.

Easy Bunting
When batting, hold C-Down to bunt. Move the arrow down the third base line and press and hold C-Left for a power bunt. Right before the pitcher lets go of the ball, release C-Left so that the power goes down. You might have to adjust the power according to the speed of the runner. You'll be safe about 90% of the time.

Easy Outs
If an opposing player hits a base-hit, while he is on base keep throwing the ball around between the bases. One of your players will eventually throw a wild ball, and the runner will automatically run. Now you can tag him for the easy out.

NOTE: Sometimes the wild throws really are wild and they could throw the ball away. That's why it's best to use this code for someone on first base.

Easy Pick Off
When you are on the mound and there is a runner on base you wait there(without pitching)until he comes to far off the base. Then you through the ball to the base he is on and 90% of the time he will be out and 10% of the time he will be called safe or he will try to advance a base and be caught in a run down.

Easy Strike
If you are on defense and you pitch the ball and the batter squares up to bunt it and misses it, the batter will always try to bunt on the second pitch. If you simply hit the "B" button instead of the "A" button to pitch it, the pitch will be pitched outside where the hitter can't hit it, but he will try and he will get a strike.

Extra Running Speed
When running to a base to speed your player up quickly tap the Z button. This also works when running back to a base by hitting R quickly.

Fat or Skinny Players
For fat or skinny players, enter ABBTNCSTLO in the cheat code screen.

To access this cheat, go into the Cheat Menu and type GRTBLSFDST. This will set the ball on fire.

Hidden Messages
At the title screen (the one with Piazza's picture), enter: C-Up, R, B, B for hidden messages.

Little Home Run Derby Guy
Make sure you have a roster slot open on a team. It should say "empty" instead of a player's name. Go to HOME RUN DERBY and pick that guy. You won't even see him him walking in the grass because he's really small and dark. It takes a while for him to reach the mound, so be patient. Watch the pitcher; he'll actually have to throw to the ground so this guy can hit the ball. He does pretty good though, and it's funny to watch.

Lizard Players
Choose an exibition game then go to Kaufmann Stadium. There are two signs that say "Win a lizard." If a player hits that sign the team wil turn into lizards.

More Pitch Selections
When you are starting a game go to the "Game Options" screen and go to game mode and change it to arcade. Then go to into the game and hold the Z button when you're pitching. Congratulations! You now have eight pitches to choose from, including the spit-fastball and the screwball.

Paper Players
To access this cheat, go into the Cheat Menu and type "prppaplyr". Go into the game and the players should be as flat as paper!

Pick-Off Base Runners
You can pick off the baserunner easier if you first pick the pitch you want to throw. Now wait until the baserunner has gone to his biggest lead-off possible (some baserunners will take a big one.)

Then press the A button to pitch the ball to the batter, but before he can pitch the ball press the C button that the baserunner is leading off of. The result should be that the pitcher will start his wind-up and then quickly throw out the baserunner.

NOTE: This trick works best when the runner is on second base.

Power Hit
To get a more powerful hit hold the joystick down and hit the ball when it comes. You should hit a homerun or something close to that. This works great in the homerun derby.

Smaller Strikezone
When you create a player, get a batter with a crouched batting stance. That player will have a smaller strikezone and it will be easier to hit the ball.

Smoke Trail
Enter GRTBLSFDST at the cheat menu to see a smoke trail from the ball.

Steal Third Easily
When on second, get your lead but don't force a pickoff. When the pitcher throws to the plate take off for third base. The catcher will throw to third, so turn around and go back to second. The third baseman will try to run you down then throw to second. Just turn around one more time and don't turn back.

Three River Stadium Glitch
When playing at Three Rivers Stadium look at the right field score board and you will always see 2, 2, 2 standing for 2 hits, 2 errors, and 2 runs.

Note: This is always there even if you have a different amount of hits errors and runs.

Victory Dance
After the opposing team scores, walk your player to home plate. The man who just scored will be doing the YMCA or the Macarana.

Weird Catcher
Start a game anywhere with any two teams. Switch the controls so its computer vs computer. Then put it on manual camera. When the game starts up push left on the D pad (not on the joystick). That should make all the guys freeze.

Now press START and go to restart game. When you move the camera around you'll see a long catcher with a glove on each hand. If you press LEFT on the D-pad again to unfreeze the game it will restart.


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