Cheat Codes
To activate a cheat, enter its code at the password screen.
All characters (in multi-player mode) -- VRCLN
All characters (in single player mode) -- ALCHR
All weapons -- NSRLS
Full ammo -- MMLVSRM
Large mode -- LVNLRG
Mini Mode -- DRVLLVSMM
Play as Gen. Plastro -- PLSTRLVSVG
Play as Tin Soldier -- TNSLDRS
Play as Vikki -- GRNGRLRX
Test information -- THDTST
Invisability -- DNLVSHSF
Last Situation -- DHSTHMN
Invincability -- MMRTL

Cycle Through Weapons Backwards
To browse through your weapons in reverse order, During the game, hold the Z button and press the B button to cycle through each gun.

Light the candles
On the living room level when you get to the top of the couch, go near the ruler that is a bridge over to the other side. Use your flame thrower or your morter to light the candles.

Level Password
Bathroom TDBWL
Riff Mission MSTRMN
Hoover Mission SCRDCT
Thick Mission STPDMN
Snow Mission BLZZRD
Shrap Mission SRFPNK
Fort Plastro GNRLMN
Scorch Mission HTTTRT
Showdown ZBTSRL
Sandbox HTKTTN
Kitchen PTSPNS
Living Room HXMSTR
The Way Home VRCLN

Restart Level
To restart the current level, hold L + R + down-C.

Tin Anybody
First, type in a code for which character you want to be, then type in the tin soldier code. (It makes the characters have tin armor but it doesn't make you any stronger) You will turn into people like Tin Vicky or Tin Plastro.


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