Hidden Bonus Cars
To find the many bonus cars in the game, such as a Ferrari Testarossa,
Porsche 959, Dodge Viper, or Bugatti EB110, you must beat the Basic or
Pro Series in the Arcade Mode. Each time you beat a series, you will
receive a new set of cars. For even more cars, beat the Championship
Mode on Normal and Expert.

Reverse Tracks
Like most racing games, Automobili Lamborghini makes you work for the
hidden stuff. Beat the Championship Mode in Novice and Expert difficulty
levels to get the reverse tracks.

First when you see a tunnel take it, it shaves some of your time. When
you get to the land bridge stop (TRY THIS IN TIME TRIAL MODE FIRST SO
YOU CAN GET USED TO IT)and turn to the left,you should see some grass
leading up to a bolder drive into the bolder. (You should go through
it.). This is more of a trick than a short-cut,(well it can be if you
know how to navagate it.) when near the end of the course you should see
a tree. Steer left of the tree. You're on a dirt road!

Top Speeds
Lamborghini Diablo200 MPH
Lamborghini Countach190MPH
Ferrari Testerosa196MPH(arcade)
Dodge Viper193MPH(arcade)


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